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1_reed-dusk-living-webWe have been committed to sustainability, through an evolution of materials and building practices, knowing well in advance that it would be key to our success. Naturally, we continue to learn and evolve. From Scribe-Fit Log homes and Timber frame structures, ICF’s, Straw bale, SIPS, and Advanced “Smart” Framing practices, we have sought the perfect building solution. What we have concluded………there is not one “perfect” building solution, but rather an evolving and learning process. Every habitant, and every microclimate has it’s own needs.

The Building process is a harmonious effort between Owner, Architect, Builder, and Nature. This collaborative effort is critical to the accomplishment of a Comfortable, Efficient, and Sustainable Home. Such a relationship is ideally formed at the conception of the project. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive professional guidance, prior to, and throughout the construction of your unique home. Along with our in-house team of Craftsmen, our “on-board” Subcontractors have been selected according to their ability to work well as a team. Their uncompromising workmanship, dedication to understanding common goals, as well as researching and practicing cutting edge technology and building science principles in order to advance the common goal of sustainable building. This is vital to assure complete satisfaction of those who will inhabit the outstanding structures we build.


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