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    New Construction

    Born and bred of extreme climates, PureBuilt understands building for the elements we live in everyday! We believe the building experience is a harmonious effort between Owner, Architect, Builder, and Nature.  From the initial design phase to the time you turn the key, we are by your side to ensure that your project is comfortable, efficient, durable, and affordable.
  • Remodels

    There’s no reason the home you already have can’t be your dream home. We relish in taking tired, well-loved structures and reinventing them into beautiful, sustainable structures. Our creative designs and explicit craftsmanship will transform your house to the full of its potential.
  • Project Management

    We believe houses are built through relationships, and we have a passion for creating masterpieces through collaboration. We approach project management through the context of these relationships and our ever-evolving knowledge and experience from over 20 years’ worth of sustainable building. It’s our goal to provide you with comprehensive professional guidance throughout the construction of your unique home.